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It's up to us to grab hold of the opportunities that will pass just within our reach in 2017 to smooth out the rough patches, break new ground by learning from the past, but not just stubbornly stick to our guns. Saturn and Uranus will team up in 2017 to get the economy going again, breathing new life into our societies, which may have been left on the sidelines, and even give new meaning to our lives. Yes, we will have to push the envelope and make a few concessions (but not sacrifices) to get in the swing of things and grow, evolve. Tension will be palpable and fights, power struggles, and attempts to distort will be inevitable. The world won't be fixed in a day!And yet, out of this chaos could emerge new life and new principles. We can rely on the Saturn-Jupiter duo to repair the damage, or, more precisely, to rebuild on new foundations. Between Saturn, the great teacher of the zodiac who takes no unnecessary risks and creates nothing without looking to the past, and Uranus, the wild card who tends to cultivate ideas about the future, we will have to deal with wise, and wild, ideas! These partners in crime will without a doubt lead us down the path to wisdom in their own way - in our interest.To come: great reforms that will shake our fixed ideas while respecting our fundamental rights. Social, political, and economic measures will attempt to balance (or rebalance) things out without betraying the national ideologies that are dear to our hearts! This celestial protection formed by Saturn and Uranus in 2017 should help us avoid any fundamentalist slip-up and move us away from the risk of wars against our fellow man! So, let's get ready, in 2017, to take new paths to help us calm each other down, foil any possible plots, rally support for peace and thus avoid the worst!Any turmoil that we will have gone through, that have hit our world full force, will still help somehow make our way down the path of transition, between compulsion and reflection, the need for security and the desire for something new. Upon seeing this unbearable violence and intolerance, that threaten to become commonplace, our weary spirits, content up until now with simply spectating on this carnage, could regain its desire to get in touch with something bigger than ourselves. Our souls, perhaps?The great astronaut Neil Armstrong summed up the agenda for the this year when he said, and I hope he'll forgive me for taking his words: one small step for the soul, one big step for mankind!A big thank-you to all those compassionate guides will always show us the path to holiness within ourselves.The road, dear readers and friends, towards an exit out of this expected crisis!